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Aristocrat Logo

In 2015 , EPS was commissioned to replicate two 6 m logos for a local sign company. The customer wanted the logos to be hung in the air over their exhibition stand and for each letter to look like they where floating . We come up with an idea of using clear acrylic poles through parts of the logos, which would hold all the letters together and also create hanging points throughout the logos. All the letters were produced separately then laid face down on our machines ready for the holes to be cut out for the acrylic poles.

The sides and rear of the logo was painted 2 coats of light blue and the face a dark blue to match the customers logo. We assembled the logos with pushing through the acrylic poles gently through each letter and also measuring each gap between each letter and making sure they where the correct distance apart. We drilled and crimped 4 meters of 1mm braided steel wire at 7 points on each logo for hanging. Each logo were split up into 3 parts prior to packing and ready for transportation.


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