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Packaging For Damon Hill`s Renault Williams F1 Car

Expanded Polystyrene Supplies was contacted to supply a large protective packaging for an F1 race car. The vehicle was one of the cars driven by world champion Damon Hill in the 1994 Formula One campaign. After the season had finished the car was sold to a collector in the far east, where he would mount the car to a wall. To change the car into art, most parts was removed which left just the shell, the body was laser cut in halve and fixed to a backboard creating a fans ultimate show piece. Our job was to create a protective pack from a high-density material, which would not only protect the very expensive item but also to hold every part in its correct position. Most parts were irreplaceable as they were custom made for this vehicle, so extra care had to be taken.

Once the item was at our factory, we designed a pack that would be best to protect the car, this would ensure that no packaging or any others parts would touch the highly polished paintwork. Any marks to any part would be requested by the collector to either be repaired or even repainted. The main parts of the pack were produced from standard flat sheets of polystyrene, all other parts were cut to shape and adhered into position. Once the whole car was in-cased in polystyrene, the pack was placed onto a large wooden base which had wooden batons fixed over the top to keep the pack in place. The package was shipped and arrived at its destination in perfect condition.


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