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Highbury Stadium Apartments

In 2010, Arsenals former home at Highbury Stadium was converted into luxury apartments. As a listed building, Highbury had to retain key architectural features in the transition. One of these was Arsenals iconic cannon logo, a large stone sculpture around 4 m wide by 2 m high.

EPS were commissioned to create a full-size replica of the original cannon logo. It was to use modern construction techniques, but blend in seamlessly with the original elements of the building.

The construction process

We started by creating a smaller scale replica of the Highbury cannon logo to seek client approval. Once we had the go-ahead, we were able to create a full-size version of the logo in just a week and a half. The logo was a lot like a jigsaw, with lots of different parts cut to shape and built up in layers. When the shape was finished, the whole logo was spray-coated with a two-part epoxy coating. This water-based finish ensured the finished logo would be totally waterproof. Finally, the Highbury logo was painted in the classic Arsenal colours!


Finishing The Arsenal Cannon Inside The Factory In NewhavenFinal Parts Of The Arsenal Cannon Being AddedPolystyrene Parts Of The Arsenal GunPolystyrene Parts Of The Arsenal GunPolystyrene Parts Of The Arsenal GunFinished The Arsenal Cannon Inside The Factory In NewhavenPolystyrene Arsenal Cannon Fixed On The Wall Ready For PaintingArsenal Cannon On The Side Of Highbury Apartments
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