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Lancia Beta Montecarlo Race Car Mould

With 16 World Rally Championship titles to their name, Italian car manufacturer Lancia is one of the most respected names in motorsport.

EPS were approached to made polystyrene mould of the Lancia Beta Montecarlo, a classic mid-engined sports car produced in the mid 1970s and early 1980s. The designer had modified the shape of the Montecarlo to maximise its aerodynamics and achieve optimal performance on racetracks. Our mould would be used to create lightweight fibreglass bodywork which would be added to the chassis of the original car.

Half of the original car was delivered to our Newhaven base so we could ensure a perfect fit for the replicated parts. The slightest error in measurement would spoil its aerodynamics and performance. This precision even came down to the grooves in the bonnet! We sculpted many individually shaped parts which were stuck together to make the final piece. Then, we coated the car with a special water-based two part filler. A smooth surface, free of defects, was essential. It took many hours of sanding to achieve the finished product. Once the mould was finished, the designer used our parts to create his own fibreglass parts. He would spray numerous coats of fibreglass over the moulds until they reached the required thickness. The resulting parts could be used on the real cars. This process was done over and over as the designer sold the fibreglass parts to other motor racing enthusiasts.


Lancia Beta Montecarlo Side View Lining Up TestLancia Beta Montecarlo Rear Wings And Back Window In Plain PolystyreneLancia Beta Montecarlo Rear Polystyrene Mould Ready For CoatingLancia Beta Montecarlo Front With GrilleLancia Beta Montecarlo Finished Polystyrene PartsLancia Beta Montecarlo Finished Polystyrene PartsLancia Beta Montecarlo Finished Polystyrene PartsLancia Beta Montecarlo Finished Front With GrilleLancia Beta Montecarlo Rear Wing And SpoilerLancia Beta Montecarlo At A Car ShowLancia Beta Montecarlo Racing On The Track
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