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The O2 – Curved Polystyrene Wall

The O2 in London plays host to more than 8 million visitors per year. Expanded Polystyrene Supplies were commissioned to create a 30 ft high curved wall design to go above the entrance to “indigo”, a live music venue with capacity for 2,800 fans. The organic shapes needed for the project made polystyrene an ideal, cost-effective solution.

We were supplied with a series of technical drawings to make the curved wall design. EPS cut out almost 100 pieces of polystyrene, many more than 6 ft high. In total, it took a week to design and draw every piece.

Slots were cut in the backs to enable the polystyrene pieces to slot together and fix onto the wall at the O2. Cut-outs were prepared so that modern LED lighting could be routed through the wall. Finally, each piece was numbered to form a huge three-dimension jigsaw puzzle! Once on site, the many pieces of the polystyrene wall were assembled and fixed into position. To make the wall hardwearing, a water-based render was applied all over its surface. This was then painted to match the rest of the interior of the building. Overall, it took around two weeks to supply all of the polystyrene for this project. To see the fruits of our labours with your own eyes, just visit The O2!


Polystyrene Curved Wall Corner PiecesOne Of Hundreds Of Pieces To Produce The Curved WallInside Polystyrene Curved Wall Showing FixingsPolystyrene Curved Wall Completed Side ViewPolystyrene Curved Wall Completed With Render FinishPolystyrene Curved Wall With Render FinishPolystyrene Curved Wall Complete With Lights
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