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Polystyrene In Constuction

Polystyrene can be used for many alternative methods of building, more commonly known as a lightweight material to fill in voids within a concrete structure, the polystyrene would be left in place reducing the weight of the area. Alternatively any void can be filled while providing the most cost effective solution.

Polystyrene can also be used as part of temporary shuttering to create shaped concrete to match any existing or new building designs. The polystyrene can be added to the wooden shuttering before pouring, Once the concrete has dried the polystyrene and shuttering is removed to leave the required shape.



The versatility of polystyrene means that we can supply any size or shape and can be produced from a range of compressive strength materials to meet the specification required. Former`s are lightweight and easy to handle, can provide a high degree of insulation and materials are supplied with a flame retardant additive (FRA).

For production, former`s can be made to match void sizes or technical drawings supplied.

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