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Polystyrene Cool Boxes

At Expanded Polystyrene Supplies, we specialise in supplying a cost-effective solution for shipping all types of perishable products. Our polystyrene lined flat pack boxes are the perfect answer, whether it be transporting live fish, dog food or protein shakes, polystyrene is affordable and hygienic with excellent insular qualities. Your products will arrive chilled and safe from damage.

Our cool boxes come in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Please see the table below for our current stock box sizes.

Don’t see a size that suits your need? No worries ! Have us design a polystyrene cool box for you, or send us a sample of your current box and we can manufacture custom liners to fit.

Flat Pack Cool Box - Flat Packed

About our cool boxes

Our flat pack polystyrene lined boxes are delivered unassembled, which reduces storage space by 50% compared to other solid polystyrene containers or plastic boxes which are expensive and bulky. With 30mm thick polystyrene walls, the flat pack boxes are strong, affordable and versatile. The corrugated cardboard used for the surrounding box is made from renewable resources, so they are environmentally friendly, being recyclable and ultimately biodegradable.

Stock Boxes

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