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Polystyrene Display

This is a great way of putting together an affordable display but without losing the look of your design. We can produce anything from a simple star shape to complex designs, for instance a 5ft ketchup bottle! We can create eye-catching pieces using your designs or referenced material. Polystyrene is a fantastic material for this purpose, it is cost effective, lightweight and with any type of finish we can enhance your display so that it stands out from the crowd.

Glittered Snowy Mountains Shop Display For Ted Baker

Polystyrene Seasonal display

A great way of changing any display to match the time of year, By adding seasonal polystyrene characters and symbols with different finishes will transform your Valentines, Easter , Halloween and Christmas displays and set it apart from others. Previously we have produced cupids with glittered red hearts, bunny shapes with a digital print, bats floating in the air and 4ft snowmen to name but a few. Please see our gallery and coatings page for inspiration.

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