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Polystyrene Packaging

Expanded Polystyrene Supplies are suppliers of affordable bespoke polystyrene packaging. Your products aren’t off the shelf, and your packaging shouldn’t be either. We design unique packaging products to suit your requirements without the expense of tooling costs which could save you thousands. You go to great lengths to design and sell your product, so don’t let your packaging be an afterthought.

In 2019 we celebrated 50 years in the packaging business. In that time, our team has designed, created and supplied bespoke packaging for items as small as a mug, to as large as a formula 1 car. We have never encountered a design problem we couldn’t solve, either in size or complexity.

Renault Elf Formula 1 Race Car With Polystyrene Packaging

About our packaging design services

Today, EPS use cutting edge design methods, tools and technology. Product packaging is about more than just protection. It’s about display, cost-effectiveness, scalability and eco-friendliness. We strive to minimise waste, production times and increase efficiency, which in turn reduces costs.

Increasing your bottom line means more than just decreasing your costs. Poor quality packaging can lead to damage, returns and more. Clients choose polystyrene for packaging because it’s strong, lightweight and with excellent impact-resistance, they know their products are in safe hands.

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