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Polystyrene Vacuum formers

Previously producing a former was a time consuming part of creating and matching a shape you want to curve can be very difficult even for the most experienced craftsman. Traditional methods for manufacturing a vacuum press former uses multiple sections of MDF or chipboard all laboriously machined and then bonded together. With our cutting edge CAD programming and cutting process, we can produce a former within hours rather than weeks, that will match your CAD drawings or even a rough sketch like for like.

Our polystyrene formers can be made to match any shape or size needed. Being a lightweight material, the formers are easy to place in and out of the vacuum bags without the use of extra hands. Making the polystyrene formers a cost- effective and a time reducing material which is a must for any craftsman looking to use a vacuum press.

Polystyrene Vacuum Former - Bag Press

Vacuum bag press former process

To produce your required shapes, the simplest type of vacuum bag press is needed and uses a sealable bag and some sort of vacuum generator. By placing the polystyrene former and the required material in the bag, then sealing it and sucking out all of the air, A pressure differential is created between the reduced pressure inside the bag and atmosphere on the outside creating the material to form around the polystyrene shape. Once the adhesive has dried the vacuum generator can be turned off and the material removed from the vacuum bag to unveil your required shape.

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